BEFORE ORDERING please read this link: keeping your quadra cool and amateur radio operators: potential adapter interference
We are currently shipping to US & Canada addresses only, but if you live elsewhere, you may be able to build your own.
August 28, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to know Quadra before diving in? Start with these frequently asked questions.

Where do you ship to?

Currently, we only ship to US-based addresses. If you’re outside the US, you can use a forwarder, or source the board directly and build your own

Did the price go from $29 to $29.95?

The Allwinner H6 is now available in very limited quantities, forcing us to buy the higher priced H6 AI SoC. This plus other cost increases have resulted in our costs going up over $2 per unit. However, we are passionate about the under $30 price point so we are eating the rest of the cost increases.

Does it work with 1080p (HD) and 4K TVs?

Yes.  It will run in 1080p mode and automatically set this on 4K TVs and monitors by default. It uses 1080p as the memory is shared with the display, and 4K resolution leaves very little for your apps. But if desired, you can select larger or smaller resolutions under "settings" then "display".

It only has 2 USB ports.  Can I add more?

Yes. Connect one of the USB ports on the Quadra to a USB hub and add several more ports.

You can use any simple USB 2.0 hub. Generally, there is no need to spend extra on a 3.0 hub. Just make sure it has a USB A plug (many now are USB C which the Quadra does not have).

Since it runs Armbian, can I create my own image or use others?

Absolutely. See the "Projects" link at the top of the page for an article on building Armbian from scratch. You can also run other images such as LibreElect, an optimized Kodi media player. See "Allwinner -". You want the image for the "Tanix TX6". 

I already have a wired keyboard and mouse.  Can I use those?

Yes. Any USB type A connector will work. If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse that shares a USB dongle, that is even better as it leaves an open USB port for memory sticks, Bluetooth, etc.

Can I add faster WiFi and Bluetooth?

Yes, via USB. We've tested two fast WiFi/Bluetooth adapters here and here. We typically see about 150mbps up/down with these.

If you run out of USB ports, you add a simple USB hub with as many ports as you'd like.

Can I use it as a server?

Yes. Using the desktop UI is completely optional. SSH is enabled and the default user is "quadra" and password "1n0v@t0". See "How do I change the default password" blog article.

Can it play YouTube videos?

Yes. It will typically run fine at 360p resolution (eg, in page vs full screen). It is great for watching relaxing background music videos as well.

Can if play my Spotify playlists?

Yes. A simple spotify player is pre-installed and ready to log into. Nothing more needed.

What version of Debian does it run?

64-bit Bullseye. Kernel 5.15.y. Based on Armbian 22.08.

How do I install security and other important updates?

First, be sure to read this post.

After that, you can simply type "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" in a terminal window (Ctl-Alt-T).

When I shut down the Quadra from the menu, it seems to hang.

This is normal. When the circle of dots stops spinning, it is safe to turn off the Quadra.